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About Industrial Asset Management

Industrial Asset Management S.A. arises from the purchase of a former managing company, MBA Lazard Holdings S.A., which owned 95% of the share capital, while the remaining 5% belonged to MBA Sociedad de Bolsa S.A.

In this way we started to be part of the Bind Group, a group of companies with a common identity that together provide financial services. 

Industrial Asset Management manage Mutual Funds supported by Banco Industrial S.A., as depositary. When you choose to invest with us, you agree to products designed and managed by professionals with experience and knowledge that enhanced value by investing in multiple assets with upside potential and low risk. We provide investors to a range of alternatives funds with a portfolio approach that takes into account each investors profile in terms of profitability and savings expectations. With our Mutual Funds IAM family, we offer a simple way to invest, based on our in-depthlocal knowledge that optimizes risk-return trade-o.

Javier Padova

Javier Popowsky


Gaston Eckelhart


Ignacio Boccardo


Diego 1

Diego Cetani
Commercial Manager 


Daniela Castaldo
Head Portfolio



Martin Salvo
Porfolio Manager



Ezequiel Barrientos
Head Back Office



Paola Bazán Góngora
Middle Office