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What is a mutual fund?

It is a savings instrument that brings together the contributions of money from individuals or legal entities to invest, jointly, in a diversified portfolio of assets and obtain higher returns for small investors, minimizing risks.

A fund is an indivisible condominium and is made up of units called shares that represent a portion of the set of assets. With its contribution, the investor buys a certain number of shares and on that amount receives the return that the fund obtains

Why investing in mutual funds?


Each investor owns a share (Cuotaparte) that represents a portion of a set of assets reducing unique risk.



Mutual funds allow investors to access to cash in a shorter period of time than other similar assets.

facil acceso

Easy access

Provide small and medium investors the opportunity to boost their savings together and invest in the financial market with the criteria and professionalism as large investors.



The funds are controlled and regulated by the CNV.